About Us

The vision of STIKA was born during the turbulent month of May 2020 when all eyes seemed focused on the medical world – nearly every news feed on television or the internet was referencing the COVID 19 pandemic and pictures of overwhelmed hospitals and clinics were appearing everywhere. I took notice that front-line healthcare workers were nearly all wearing the same old, stiff, boxy, and uncomfortable scrubs that we have all seen for years.

It was during this tumultuous time, while walking down the hall at work, that I had a flash of insight: the medical industry innovates, invents, and evolves every day! Despite this, medical uniforms (scrubs) have remained largely unaltered for decades. It was that night when I decided to start the STIKA revolution and disrupt the medical uniform industry by creating new and unique scrubs that feel as good as they look!

Created in cooperation with medical professionals and top clothing designers, STIKA has combined modern fabrics with innovative styling and design that resulted in a uniform that will be your first choice for home, work, travel or even a jaunt around the town. I’m confident you will find STIKA to be comfortable and stylish, while remaining functional and durable. It is time - I invite you to join the revolution and let STIKA change the way you look and feel with our new generation of scrubs and uniforms.

STIKA Scrubs...
Comfort first,
Uniform second,
Style always.


Summer Stika, RN